We offer a wide range of Mobile Financial Services. Our cloud based solution with integrated NFC and biometric capability is an alternative to the secure element wallet in the mobile device.


  • Cash in/Cash out at Agent and ATM
  • P2P, G2P Money Transfer
  • Merchant Payments for goods and services
  • Contactless/NFC Mobile Payments
  • Biometrics
  • Direct airtime topup
  • Bill Payments
  • Wallet to Bank Transfer
  • Coupons, Vouches and Loyalty
  • Payroll Processing

Other uses of NFC include;

  • Vending Payment
  • Retail Payment
  • Ticketing
  • Physical Access Control



  • Go to the nearest Teasy agent, call 09-4603660 or visit http://www.teasypay.ng to view our agents
  • Receive a confirmation SMS and give our agent the cash amount.


    1. Dial *808#
    2. Enter your pin and select mobile top up
    3. Enter the phone number and amount
    4. Wait for an SMS confirmation

When you are on the Teasy Network, you can withdraw your money whenever, wherever even on the weekends and public holidays at any of our agent points.


Once you are registered and have cash on your account, you can use the Teasy Mobile Money platform to send money to anyone or any bank, anywhere anytime

    1. Dial *808# to access the cash menu
    2. Enter your pin
    3. Select option 2 “Send Money” and follow the steps
  • Payroll Processing
  • International and Domestic remittance

TEASY Tap n Pay is the first Mobile NFC Contact-less Payment solution to be introduced to the Nigerian payment space.

The benefits of NFC is the ease and speed it takes to complete a transaction.

Payment can be completed in as little as 4 seconds, making it faster than cash or card.



Our Mobile Money Retail Enablement solution manages the communication, NFC and Biometric registration, and payment services which are initiated at the point of sale as well a mPOS.

The solution is tightly integrated with the point of sale terminal and provides a device agnostic mobile payment solution supporting smartphones and non-smartphones, along with companion NFC, EMV and MSR cards.

  • Integration to the Point of Sale!
  • Secure electronic payment! Device agnostic!
  • Feature rich!Carrier grade transaction engine!
  • Integrates to all TSM and Traditional Wallets!
  • Multiple authent

Mobile presents the retail industry with both major opportunities and challenges. The ability to access vast amounts of data from online sources from any location allows for new applications that completely change the shopping experience and the relationship between merchants and consumers.

  • TEASY m-commerce solutions allows customers and merchants to take advantage of the mobile revolution.
  • Mobile technology is reinventing commerce, helping retailers create smarter stores, bringing better service to the hospitality industry and expanding commerce options for a wealth of other industries.
  • Mobile POS helps reduce lines at checkout; inventory management brings more flexibility and efficiency to store operations; and mobile CRM brings rich customer data to the fingertips of every sales associate.


Being the first of its kind, TEASY offers an optional biometric solution which simplifies the use of biometric data for secure user identification and authentication.

The reader is easy to use and install, providing flexible payment options for customers and merchants.


Reach the Unbanked Financial Inclusion!

Unbanked frequently do not have or do not carry proper government-issued credentials. In some cases they may also struggle with literacy, making it difficult to read, understand and sign a contract. Without a consistent form of identification, the verification process takes time, frequently frustrating customers as well as the merchants. Biometric solutions solve this problem by providing a reliable and secure identification method while allowing the unbanked to achieve financial inclusion.