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Teasy in the yuletide mood makes a quick stop at farmer’s market maitama to give out its branded bags to  fruit vendors. This is coming on a hill of Teasy’s ride to agent activation and part of our corporate social responsibility.

The vendor displaying Teasy’s branded bags




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Vendor receiving Teasy’s branded branded bags



Vendor receiving his Teasy branded branded bags


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A customer and a Vendor showcasing Teasy’s branded bags


Teasy Mobile has recently reached out to stores ( merchants) within and outside Abuja in adopting our payment system. Dear esteemed customer we hope you are having a wonderful experience with our products and services . To our prospective customers , start dialing *808# or download our app to become Teasy customer of the year.











CBN Licensed entities

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Below is a list of CBN Licensed entities as published on its website

Mobile Money Operators:

Bank Led

  1. Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  2. Fortis Mobile Money
  3. GT Bank Plc
  4. Stanbic IBTC
  5. Zenith Bank Plc
  6. Access Bank Plc
  7. Fidelity Bank Plc

Non-Bank Led

  1. Cellulant Nigeria Limited
  2. Chams Mobile
  3. Eartholeum Networks Limited
  4. eTranzact International Plc
  5. FETS Solution Nigeria Ltd
  6. MKudi Limited
  7. Pagatech
  8. Parkway Projects Limited
  9. Pay Com Nigeria Limited
  10. Pridar System Limited
  11. Teasy International Company Ltd
  12. VTNetwork Limited
  13. Zinternet Nigeria Limited
  14. Hedonmark Management Services Ltdd

Teasy Mobile Money got an International Award

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Teasy Mobile Money International has beaten over 29 other mobile money licensed company across the country to receive the 2014 Nigerian mobile money customer value leadership award initiated by Frost & SullivanTeam{58e825c87470cb9029916c5bc6d085285e4199ebcffde9cb395ffa189e8c2dab}20Teasy{58e825c87470cb9029916c5bc6d085285e4199ebcffde9cb395ffa189e8c2dab}20and{58e825c87470cb9029916c5bc6d085285e4199ebcffde9cb395ffa189e8c2dab}20Ade

According to the organizer, “Teasy International has built its position as a leader in the Nigerian mobile money industry by introducing the first commercial NFC-based contactless payment solution in Nigeria”.

“Teasy Tap and Pay has been considered as an electronic payment solution bridge between the world of microfinance and that of the traditional banking system.”

John Weber, who spoke on behalf of the organizer, Frost & Sullivan explained that the choice of Teasy International was based on the outcome of the report of the Frost & Sullivan analysts and industry experts which embarked on a global hunt for companies achieving dual excellence in two critical areas of customer value and growth success.

According to the report, “Teasy International partnered with Verifone (a global provider of technology for electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point of sale) to develop its own mobile money platform”.

“To remain ahead of competitors, Teasy International added a new feature to its Teasy Tap and Pay solution, making it possible for it to be used as a Mobile Point of Sale, MPoS device.

“It is a merchant payment service that allows customers to use their mobile phone to pay for goods and services at any POS terminal, which accepts a NFC-enabled phone. It has converted Android and BlackBerry phones into MPoS devices through the Teasy Mobile Money App.

“The Teasy Mobile Money solution also allows for the use of biometric data for secure user identification and authentication. This Biometric payment technology eliminates the need to carry cash, cheques or credit cards and removes any risk associated with theft, or a forgotten pin.

“As an innovator, Teasy International is, currently, developing a new service as part of its platform called Cashless Campus. It has partnered with four universities in Nigeria to allow students to pay for their school fees and bus fares using the Teasy Tap and Pay App.

“Teasy International is in the process of partnering with every Nigerian university to extend this new service country wide”, he added.

At the beginning of 2014, Teasy Tap and Pay accounted for an increase in customer’ satisfaction and has enabled the company to record a growth rate of 100 percent as well as an increase in its customer base, through partnership with relevant stakeholders including the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW which owns motor parks and bus stations in every part of the country.

These are used to place approximately 744 Teasy International Points of Sale, POS.The Teasy Tap and Pay service also allows for fast payments from mobile wallets at the POS, when an NFC-compatible mobile device is brought within a few centimetres of another NFC POS-enabled device.

According to the organizer, the greatest challenge to mobile money adoption in Nigeria is people’s unawareness of the existence of mobile money operators. Approximately 94.5 percent of Nigeria’s population of 162.5 million is currently unaware of mobile money platforms.

Teasy International, a Nigerian mobile money operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN provides a wide range of financial services including, funds transfers, bill payments (goods and services), airtime purchases, and deposits and withdrawals, through the use of a mobile phone.

Its product, Teasy Mobile Money, is an end-to-end mobile phone-based platform that allows users to have an electronic wallet, e-wallet.

TEASY Mobile Money deploys first commercial Near Field Communication NFC/Contactless (Tap and Pay) retail payment services in Nigeria

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Teasy Mobile Money has successfully deployed the first commercial Near Field Communication (NFC)/Contact-less payments solution in Nigeria.

This was announced by the Chief Executive Officer of Teasy Mobile Money Musa Ali Baba, who believed that not only will retail payments be easier and faster, customer’s satisfaction will be guaranteed.

“We are very excited with the market opportunity that this solution will bring, we believe that retail payments will seriously drive up the volume of transactions as well as grow customer confidence in the mobile payments space” Ali Baba said, He added that ‘we want to make smaller payments quick, convenient, and contact-less can offer just that.’

Teasy Mobile Money has always been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to drive the adoption of mobile payments as well as financial inclusion.  The company saw the gap and the need to enable wallet payments at existing POS terminals Ali Baba concluded.

The solution was provided by VeriFone Mobile Money, which includes the UNI-verse wallet enablement solution integrating the mobile wallet, banking and telecommunications provider networks with the point of sale. Teasy has also deployed VeriFone NFC POS Terminals as well as mPOS terminals supporting NFC running on the Android operating system.

Also speaking, Teasy Mobile’s Chief Technical Officer, Stanley Vandu, explained that customers are provided with NFC stickers which are linked to their mobile wallet, thus allowing tap and pay transactions to be carried at the POS and mPOS.

“The choice of the Biometric/NFC technology was in line with industry standard as well as global best practices.  Contact-less payments have seen a steady rise in countries that have deployed such.  In addition, our platform supports a whole range of services which would allow Teasy to provide a whole bouquet of financial services ranging m-commerce, cinema to bus ticketing solutions. This is in addition to the already existing banks account transfers, airtime top-up, and bill payments”.

The speed and ease with which these transactions are completed makes for a wonderful customer experience. The solution also allows the use of biometric data for secure user identification and authentication aligning with recent Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) policies around KYC and financial inclusion.



Teasy combines NFC and biometrics for payments in Nigeria

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Nigerian mobile payments provider Teasy Mobile is to equip its mobile money agents with POS terminals that use biometric technology to verify a consumer and NFC to allow them to make a payment.

Teasy Mobile

VeriFone Mobile Money, a joint venture between POS maker Verifone and Mobilis Networks that also supplies Tonga’s NFC-based Beep and Go mobile money service, will provide Teasy Mobile with its Verifone Mobile Money wallet solution and retail switch. Teasy will also “work closely with local industry players to roll out Verifone contactless POS devices as part of the solution.”

Merchants will be using Verifone’s VX520 POS system and Teasy will also enable agents to use NFC phones running a merchant app to process payments.

Consumers will be able to make payments using an NFC phone or with an NFC tag, supplied by Israel-based labeling solutions provider Tadbik.

“When paying with a registered Teasy wallet, it’s an easy and fast process,” Teasy Mobile explained to NFC World. “The merchant keys in the amount of the desired transaction type — purchase, deposit, withdrawal, etc — on the POS terminal. The customer taps the phone on the POS, followed by entering a PIN and it’s done.”

“Biometric data can be used as an extra [know your customer] requirement for certain transaction values,” the company continued.

“We are very excited with the market opportunity this solution will bring us,” Teasy’s Musa Ali Baba says. “We believe that, while the market is growing quickly for mobile wallets, we will be able to roll out a mixture of point of sale and mobile wallet technology, thus capturing all points at which the customer will transact.

“VeriFone Mobile Money has provided a very advanced yet easy-to-use solution to Teasy that will add value to the Nigeria Cashless Vision and allow for alternative and easier ways to make payments benefiting Nigeria and the industry as a whole, and we are very excited to enter into this partnership.”

“Nigeria is a rapidly advancing and sophisticated mobile money market, and there are many mobile wallet providers already in the Nigerian market,” adds Chris Jones, CEO at VeriFone Mobile Money.

“With Teasy Mobile, VeriFone Mobile Money will be offering a market first in Nigeria delivering Teasy customers frictionless, fast and secure transactions at the agents’ point of sale.”

Teasy Mobile Money Partners with National Union of Road Transport Workers

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As part of its mandate in facilitating the cashless policy initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Teasy Mobile Money recently licensed mobile financial institution in Nigeria has gone into strategic partnership with National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). The agreement between NURTW and Teasy International was signed at the NURTW National headquarters in Abuja on July 2013. The strategic alliance is expected to further drive financial inclusion, which allows the average Nigerian have access to formal financial services with ease and convenience through the use of mobile phones and also at close proximity such as the nearest motor parks.

The National President of the Union, Alhaji NajeemUsman Yasin In a statement during the National Executive Council Meeting held at Arewa House in Kaduna on July 4th 2013, stated “I am honoured to inform you that the executives of this great union have signed an agreementwith Teasy International Company Limited (Teasy Mobile Money) on behalf of NURTW. Teasy is licensed by CBN and a member of the Association of Licensed Mobile Payment Operators. The partnership will ensure better efficiency and safety in the money transfer business – and as we move towards Cashless Economy, this will solve many other concerns that we have about the policy. We know that money transfer makes money for our branches. But as a financial service, it must be regulated by the appropriate government body (CBN). So in conforming with the laws, we have decided to partner with a financial service provider that is licensed by the CBN (Teasy Mobile Money to carry out such services).”



The Managing Director, Teasy Mobile Money, Mr. Musa Ali Baba highlighted the importance of the partnership in deepening access to financial service in the country.With Teasy Mobile Money customers have a product that allows them to save, spend, and transfer money using their mobile phones. The partnership with NURTW allows for customers of the service to deposit or withdraw money at all NURTW motor parks in the country. This is to ease the challenge of distance or cost of getting to a commercial bank.


Teasy Sponsors Mobile Money Expo 2013

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Teasy International Company Ltd, herein referred to as Teasy Mobile Money, a recently licensed mobile money operator will be one of the sponsors of this year’s Mobile Money Expo that is to take place in the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, between the 6th and 7th of February.  The 2013 Expo will be sponsored by Eskimi, Teasy Mobile Money, StanbicIBTC and Mfino and is themed ‘Promoting Inter-operability’: Unlocking the growth of mobile money’.

Teasy Mobile Money is eager to play its part in fully integrating mobile money into the Nigerian financial system. When asked about the company, Agbolade Odunyemi, the ED Sales and Marketing, said, ‘We believe that the Nigerian market will be experiencing in Teasy Mobile Money an innovative financial product that meets all the customers have wanted for a long time now. Teasy Mobile Money is reliable, safe, secure, easily accessible, innovative, creative and customer focused. It is with those traits in mind that we have co-sponsored the Expo and wishes to allow potential customers to experience and learn more about Teasy Mobile Money and what we can offer them’.

The 2013 Expo will be the 3rd of its kind and is a leading continental event in the mobile money ecosystem calendar. The two day summit will bring together stakeholders from technology, application providers, financial institutions, regulators, agency network and mobile network operators. They are expected to deliberate on issues in the mobile money environment in Africa and proffer solutions to the industry’s challenges.

The 2013 event will have workshops and panel sessions by leading subject matter experts to keep delegates up to date with mobile financial services developments that will have occurred across Africa. The Managing Director of Teasy Mobile Money will give a keynote speech whilst members of staff of the company will be at their exhibition stand ready to explain their products and services and give product demonstrations to anyone interested enough to visit them. There will be the usual giveaways and Teasy Mobile Money plans to have a raffle draw at the end of the event for a newly registered customer to win a Blackberry phone. As Mr Odunyemi says, ‘It’s easy with Teasy!’


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Jaiz Bank Plc, the first full-fledged non-interest bank in Nigeria has entered into a partnership with Teasy Mobile Money (a CBN-licensed Mobile Payment Operator) to provide financial services to Nigerians, through Mobile Phone.

This is part of their efforts to implement financial services inclusion of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to everyone in the society.

Part of CBN’s 2020 Financial System goals is the implementation of the Cashless Policy and Financial Inclusion Strategy,  aimed at ensuring that Nigerians get access to financial services in order to grow their financial capacity and that of the economy as a whole.

Jaiz Bank was licensed by the CBN to provide financial services to all based on ethical principles of fairness, profit sharing, transparency and objectivity and other tenets of Islamic banking.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, the Acting Managing Director of Jaiz, Hassan Usman highlighted the importance of the collaboration as integral to reaching a critical group in Nigeria that has been excluded from the banking system due to the high cost associated with accessing the service.  The strategic partnership between the two companies is expected to drive financial inclusion in Nigeria even further.

By integrating with the Teasy Mobile Money platform, Jaiz Bank will provide its customers access to its alternative banking services, straight from their mobile phones. Jaiz bank will collaborate with Teasy Mobile Money in developing programs, projects and other activities that are targeted at providing a robust mobile payment and deposit platform capable of delivering end-to-end mobile banking solutions. The service will allow customers to have access to their money beyond banking hours, anywhere. Additionally, Teasy Mobile Money customers will now be able to use Jaiz Bank offices nationwide as Service Points.

Speaking on the partnership, the Managing Director of Teasy International Musa Ali Baba said,” We see this as a “win, win, WIN” arrangement. Through this collaboration, Jaiz wins, Teasy wins but, most importantly the customers are the big winners. Both companies have been licensed by the CBN to address identified gaps in the financial system. In this instance, we have identified areas where our respective gaps overlap and shall now drive to close them.”

Teasy with offices in Abuja, Lagos and Kano are recruiting agents across the country in order to ensure Nigerians have access to services anywhere they are.

With this innovative product from Teasy Mobile Money, Jaiz Bank customers will enjoy the convenience of making financial transactions at anytime from the comfort of their homes, places of work, or even whilst travelling.